Flying Sikh Milkha Singh’s advice to young minds – hard work only way to success

Milkha Singh gives motivational talk in online workshop – ‘Immunity & Strength an Ultimate Key’

Chandigarh: “Hatho ki lakeroon se jindagi nahi badlti. Without hard-work, dedication and willpower no one can achieve his goals. Anyone can become anything if he or she has will power and courage to do something”, said living legend Milkha Singh during an online workshop.

Former track & field athlete, and Padma Shri Awardee, Milkha Singh gave the motivational talk and shared his inspiring life journey with young minds during an exclusive online workshop on the Vidyadaan online platform.

The online workshop “Immunity & Strength an Ultimate Key” was organized by Vidyadaan in association with Sports 13 – to inspire the youth to adopt a  healthy life amid the ongoing pandemic. Other speakers of the online workshop were Yadvinder Singh, former national athlete and Dr. Satbir, sports medicine consultant &  ex Indian hockey team physician cum exercise physiologist.

On the first day of the online workshop, renowned former Indian track & field athlete, Milkha Singh along-with former national athlete, Yadvinder Singh discussed the importance of immunity and strength for success in life.  

Milkha said that the pandemic has brought to light the importance of immunity strength and exposed how fragile we have become today due to our unhealthy food habits and lifestyle. He advised everyone to adopt healthy eating habits and do exercise daily for minimum 10 to 15 minutes to keep oneself healthy. He added that equal importance needs to be given to one’s physical & mental health.

The living legend gave the example of PM Narendra Modi & former American President Barack Obama. He said people should get inspired from both these personalities, who achieved success with their sheer determination and hard work. He also expressed his wish to see an Indian athlete win a gold medal in the Olympics in the track & field category. 

During the workshop, Yadvinder Singh underlined, “Fitness is the most important thing which plays a key role in every successful career. It gives you the confidence and boosts your morale to do your best, whether it’s in work or study. To live a healthy life first you should love yourself because, without self-love, care and motivation will never come into you.” Yadvinder shared during his session for the benefit of people in general,”Anyone can call me for advice to build immunity in COVID era on 9815409107.”

 Yadvinder raised a concern that social media platforms have caused a severe impact on our physical and mental health. An unhealthy lifestyle has led to many health problems and weakened our immunity strength and social relations. To combat all these challenges everyone should exercise daily and do some meditation for mental peace.

On the concluding day of the workshop, Dr Satbir, former BCCI Specialist Academy Rehab Head shared some valuable tips to enhance immunity. He said, “With simple tips the immune system can be improved. One should get adequate sleep – at least 8 hours for overall health.”


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