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From Stay home, Stay Safe to Go out and Be Safe

We need to stand up and fight the virus and fight life. The industry needs people to get back, up and running. We have to start consuming and start spending and earning too. We cannot stop the circle of demand and supply. And if we do, for how long? For how long can you survive, just staying home. Lockdown was a wrong decision. Period. Death! If your time has come, please be assured, it will get you inside, hiding in your bedroom. Fear is not the solution. Ducking your head in sand, still leaves your body exposed. So, it would be better to face it, see it coming, rather than getting hit from behind without you knowing when.

By shutting down, shops, malls, hotels, buses, airways, railways, industries, factories, buildings, farms, schools, offices, plumbers and electricians, mechanics and rickshaw pullers, closing OPDs in hospitals, leaving the sick and ailing, threatening and beating people to stay inside homes or to stay where they were stuck unaware, was akin to strangling India and her children. What would you call taking away jobs, depriving people means of livelihood and taking away food from the mouths of millions and millions of faceless humans? And till how long are we expected to stay indoors and live off ‘whose’ savings. And those who had no savings? They had to beg, borrow, sleep hungry, walk back home or die. The images of these children will be itched forever with sad memories of the lockdown.

The country was locked down at 500 cases and at 50,000 cases half the country opened up. The remaining perhaps will open up after crossing what figure! Between life and death, we will have to choose life. Enough is enough! We should now unite in one voice: Get up and move. Go out, Be Safe, and Restart Life. To do that, we need to get back to our normal lives, the faster it is, the better – for everyone, for you and me, the industry and economy and the country and the world. This will spur demand. And when the demand will be there, supply will automatically follow. The cycle will restart. We will have to kickstart and get back with easing of lockdown, smarter management of health services, and tracking, testing and curing the Covid 19, getting migrant workers back and ensuring jobs are not lost. It is imperative that the government works on a more fear-negating narrative and get people to participate in nation building, proactively.
Let us start working on the slogan of Go Out, Be Safe and Restart Life!

End this charade of a LOCKDOWN

What will revive economy:
Lifting lockdown with only constrained containment zones
Contact tracing of the Covid 19 positive cases
Allowing free movement of people
Ensuring normalcy is restored
Not to slap frivolous cases against people
Containing the police
Apologizing and calling the migrant workers back to their work places
Direct money transfers to labours and migrant workers
Direct money transfers to those who lost jobs
Opening up the railways
Opening public transport
Opening up restaurants & hotels
Opening up schools and colleges
Pushing infrastructure
Allowing industries to working normally
Supporting construction
Tax cuts – GST rates
Infusing consumer confidence to spend
Boost health and medical care
Supporting small and medium enterprises
Opening dhabas and restaurants
Subsequently lifting all restrictions
Caution to maintain
In all cases, people can wear masks and ensure social distancing where ever possible. Conduct test and temperature scan people in public places where it is not.



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