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Happy Mother’s Day

An Ode to my Mother – She is my Guru, teacher, love and God on Earth

Richa Goel: One Day To Celebrate HER will never be enough! For whatever she does for our lives, SHE needs to be Celebrated everyday. Let’s express our gratitude to every mother who is balancing our lives for the better. Amid this lockdown time, Mother’s Day might be a little different but what should not changed is her unconditional love towards us. Near or far, wherever they are, let’s take a moment to thank our mothers today. If you’re staying away from her, do a long video-call with her, if you are the lucky one and staying with her, then give her a day rest from all the chores. Celebrate and honor her today and always! Thank your mother for what she do, today and every day! As we celebrate this special day, express your love for your moms.

Arushi Singhal with her lovely mother

Arushi Singhal: For me, mother is not just a word but it is a lovely feeling or a bond that I share with a person called MOM. As a child I was madly in love with my mother and still I am. I don’t think anybody can replace her or share that bond with me. She is the one who always bear my non sensical attitude, my anger, solve all my stupid problems. She is not just a mentor but also a true friend to whom I can share all my negative and positive thoughts. I am blessed to have a mother like her. I love you Mommy.

Here are some of our lovely readers sharing their precious moments with The Correspondent. Thank you for support and helping us recalling those moments of love and affection.
Happy Mother’s Day – Today and always…

Alka Mathur sharing a moment in time with her mother
Col V Srinivas with his lovely mother VV Ramanamma, pipping the rank. She pats with love.
Young Capt Ramon Chibb with his darling mother Vimla. She left a while ago but her blessings carry him through always.
A lovely duo: Suparna with her mother Aaparna
Krish with her sweet mom Ranjana
Col Vikram Sood stands tall behind his protective mother and Himalayas in the background
Aayushi, Taunish with her supportive mother Sejal
The pride of Life: Col Gaurav Bhatia with his Mother
CSM and Cdo: Col C Shashi and his gracious mummy.

Surinder Goel, Panipat: It is a saying that God couldn’t be physically everywhere, so he created mother. Next to God is mother. Mother is the first Guru/Teacher of every child. To every mother, her son/daughter is the best person in the world. Mother is also Janani. She gives birth to not only an individual, but the whole world is created by a Mother.

Dhano on his commission on 25 August 1990 – What a moment



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