Home stay has been a blessing in disguise – Shallu Gupta!

Actress and model Shallu Gupta shares her lockdown experience exclusively with The Correspondent

Shallu Gupta: Corona has been a great leveller, for commoner and celebrities alike. But some have taken it positively and tried to find rays of positivity amid the crisis. Actor cum Model, Shallu Gupta is one such positive person. Shallu showcased her talents in various fields like singing, acting, funny clips, cooking, household working, reading etc during this lockdown which she hasn’t exposed earlier.  She says, “In this crucial time, all have developed cravings for their favourite food and drinks which are not available since the lockdown. It is natural for humans to crave especially in a crisis that seems never ending.”

“Times like these make us realise the importance of good health and how grateful we should be for it! Health to me is not just physical but also mental and emotional well-being. How joyful and happy you are at all times irrespective of the external factors determines your health.” Shallu points out that this is the time of making the right choices. “Making the right choice is the key and if you haven’t already started then do it now . We need to be healthy more so now than ever before !! Eat right , think positive , live happily , Stay Safe , Stay home!”

 Her relationship with her daughter has got a qualitative fillip too! “My daughter and I spent most of our time in our bedrooms, meeting in the kitchen at mealtimes, play cards, makes videos and takes selfies.” “I always insist to my daughter to read books. Parents must encourage their children to read more often. You can keep a small open library at home. Displaying books can go a long way in inculcating the habit of reading,” she said. During my childhood, Comic, Vikram Betal, Panchtantra ki kahaniyan and  Premchand stories were part of every household in the country. That culture is somewhere missing today,” she reminisces.

Singing is also another option in this lockdown period and I usually practice it. It was my passion in my childhood and now I am making my dreams come true by singing. One who is never shy of taking on herself, Shallu is also fond of funny videos of herself with herself and her family. And she simply loves to make people happy, even at the cost of herself!

Hats off to you Shallu – we really admire your spirit!

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