How a Rs 10 note created panic in Chandigarh locality!

TC Bureau Chandigarh: In the times of corona virus pandemic gripping the entire world, city resident found a Rs 10 note lying unattended. Read what happened then…

Fear is showing on the people stuck homeward bound in complete lockdown. How an innocuous incident could have not been ignored in normal times, had the residents call up the cops in the times of Corona. A Rs 10 note found unattended in Chandigarh colony had residents seeking police help to deal with it.

It so happened a resident of Daddumajra colony noticed a Rs 10 note lying outside his house on Friday evening. Certain that he had not seen the currency note merely 15 minutes ago, the house owner raised an alarm. Neighbours poured out and collected around the note.

“From where it has come? Who could have thrown it? It could be carrying the virus! Someone has thrown to spread the virus…“ The residents kept tossing various theories on how the note could have landed there and the possible motive.

Nevertheless collective wisdom prevailed and cops were called. Siren-blaring, a PCR turned up promptly. Now the cops too contemplated the possible theories. Nevertheless, showing initiative, a cop took out a sanitizer, sprayed the note and pocketed the money for further investigation and left.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Daddumajra Resident Dayal Krishna says, “In this time of lockdown, nobody wanted to take any chance so the police were called. Thank God we are safe.”


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