KB DAV student breaks Hula Hoop world record

TC Bureau Chandigarh: The Covid 19 pandemic lockdown could not contain the spirit of a champion. Second Grade KBDAV student Vaishanvi Gupta made the most of the lockdown period and rocked the world by performing a record breaking feat of ‘most number of Hula Hoop rotation around knee’. On May 02, Vaishanvi performed world record of rotating Hula Hoop around her knee of 190 rotations in a minute. Her parent recorded the astounding performance. The Trumph World Records, adjudicated the performance and acknowledged the remarkable accomplishment of nine-year-old Vaishnavi.

Regularly practicing during the lockdown at her residence in Panchkula, Haryana, Vaishanvi achieved the peak of 190 rotations, a world record, of Hula Hoop rotation around knee’. Triumph World Record, which has evolved to recognise the immense level of hidden talents of the people across the Globe, issued a certificate on May 13. Mukta Pratap, Chief Adjudicator, Triumph World Record registered the record on May 13th 2020.

KBDAV Principal Mrs Pooja Prakash congratulated Vaishanvi for the record-breaking performance. “Vaishanvi has done the school proud. I, on behalf of the school, wish her many more laurels in her future endeavours. Proud parents o f Vaishanvi, said, “She made the most of the lockdown and didn’t give up once she set the target. We believe in what former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam said, Great dreams of great dreamers always transcend.”

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