Simran Narang: Many of us project the future as a result fear creeps in, If you begin to imagine what your tomorrow is going to be like it creates a fear for most of us. So, NOW is the time you should relate to the present. It is a GIFT. The present Lockdown has opened new arenas for many of us, so many new learnings new perspective to look at life and hopefully the positive things we learn should stick on. Let’s slow down, let’s begin to appreciate the minutest things life has to offer the things we thought never really mattered. How many of us just rushed with our coffee cup in hand not enjoying it but gulping it down, how many of us just rushed through life as if it all passed too soon and we grew out of age to even acknowledge the beautiful things God curated for us.

The lockdown is a phase many of us are experiencing it for the first time such a situation feels difficult to handle. But not really. Let’s make the most of it, just grab these moments and make beautiful memories out of them. Capture your thoughts ,there maybe a poet in you a painter, a musician, a motivator reflect the best in you and it will emerge, it could surprise even you. It’s when we begin to observe small things that become the part of us, don’t regret not doing things you love, imbibe the best around you and be at peace within yourself.


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