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Health and Education Should be Priority!

satyendra Bhardwaj
Satyendra bhardwaj

My expectations from the second BJP-NDA government is on two fronts – national and international level. Nationally or domestically, the government needs to work on health and education on a priority basis. With private sector doctors and hospitals treating patients as guinea pigs or a hen with the golden egg, the government needs to spend double the amount to build small health clinics with enough and accountable doctors. Connected is the area of education.

Health and education, especially private sector medical colleges are demanding hefty fee and donation and producing substandard doctors. The government should open AIIMS type medical colleges in the state to produce quality doctors with empathy for patients. The government should also focus on a technical research area to cover the lost ground in innovation and discoveries. It leads to the second area where new yet old government need to focus – international area.

PM Narendra Modi is doing a fantastic job already and he should continue making the country self-sufficient in terms of modern warfare equipment and continue doing what NSA Ajit Doval famously said that “India should punch equal to its weight, if not more”!

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