Hari Singh Nalwa’s life to be adapted into series and film

TC Bureau Mumbai: The life of Sikh Khalsa commander Hari Singh Nalwa is set to be the subject of a web series and a film. The project is based on the book, “Hari Singh Nalwa: Champion Of The Khalsaji (1791-1837)”, by Vanit Nalwa, who is a seventh in line direct descendent of the late warrior.

“It is a story waiting to be told. It is a story of empowerment, courage, loyalty and complete dedication to the cause of the nation,” said Vanit Nalwa.

The rights of the book has been acquired by Almighty Motion Picture. “It’s the biggest pride for any Sikh to get an opportunity to even be a tiny part of a project on S. Hari Singh Nalwa ji. Every country of the world through the medium of visual, showcase their legends and I think it is time for us to go on forefront… Not only in India but the whole world should know that there were Generals like S. Hari Singh Nalwa Saheb who never lost a single battle,” said producer Prabhleen Kaur.


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