Why Youth are not provided registration and License for Self-Employment, whereas Prime Minister is promoting the same?

TC Bureau: The story started about three decades back, when Jammu and Kashmir was under peak militancy and the local residents from Kashmir wanted the youths to move out of the state for education and to keep them away from militancy/other unlawful activities. In those days the Government had planned to give approval to colleges and institution outside the state of Jammu & Kashmir for education in the Para Medical Field for two reasons- to keep the youths away from disturbing atmosphere, so that their minds should be diverted towards education and to get them education in the Para medical fields so that they can serve the people in far of villages in health sector which was lacking behind in the state since independence.

The time was passing in the right direction and the militancy came in control from mid ninety. The candidates started their education, getting the jobs an started getting themselves self employed by opening their own business in Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, X-Ray clinic, Eye clinics and earning their livelihood. It went on well with little ups and down in militancy till 2016. Thereafter by some government officials in their self-vested interest started exploiting the youths by getting themselves employed in government jobs or getting their registration as Medical Assistant/Pharmacist or registration with Jammu and Kashmir Para Medical and Nursing Council.

This registration became mandatory in the state for which a good initiative was taken by Dr. Sandeep Singh, Registrar of Jammu and Kashmir Para Medical and Nursing Council and registration for the eligible candidates was started to smoothen the process of employment. But at the same side the Jammu and Kashmir Pharmacy Council started creating problem in their self-interest by doing pick and choose method for registration for Pharmacy license after Matric as done in the past and after qualification of Diploma in Medical Assistant/ Pharmacist form the colleges within the state or from institution situated outside the state.

Since after revoking of article 370 from the state the Pharmacy license is to be provided after qualifying Diploma in Pharmacy from the colleges approved by Pharmacy Council of India. The three top officials of Jammu and Kashmir Pharmacy Council – President and Drug controller (Mrs. Lotika Khajuria), Shri Surender Mohan Tickoo(Dy. Drug Controller) and Shri Mohit Goel (Clerk), sitting on the same post for the past 15 years in the Drug Controller Department due to some high level contacts in the system and manipulating the registration of Medical Assistant / Pharmacist according to their workability for the past three years even after getting orders for registration from Jammu and Kashmir Para Medical and Nursing Council and several directions from Hon’ble High Court of Srinagar.

The story didn’t complete, they had submitted a letter to Pharmacy Council of India for taking directions for the renewal of the license which they had already issued in the past on Matric qualification but they had not mentioned the candidates of Medical Assistant passed in the past or are pursuing the same at present. Since they had been provided the admission on the assurance that they shall be eligible for registration as Pharmacist and shall get the license for Pharmacy for their self-employment and are least bother of employment in the government. The Pharmacy Council of India gave directions for renewal of one time license renewal for the life time once only within one year and submission of records to them.

The eligible candidates in huge number is having a dark future even after completing their education in Medical Assistant thereby spending money and time due to Jammu and Kashmir Pharmacy Council – President and Drug controller (Mrs. Lotika Khajuria), Shri Surender Mohan Tickoo (Dy. Drug Controller) and Shri Mohit Goel (Clerk). On speaking to Shri Tariq Ahmed and Shri Pervaiz Ahmed many students has been going from table to table but no solution came. Keeping in view the future interest of the candidates and diversion of their mind which took decades to bring them in right direction passed Medical Assistant course before removal of article 370 from the state should be provided registration to get Pharmacy License as given to Matric candidates in the past (One time) and the Drug Controller department should be reshuffled immediately. It will be of great help for the youths for self-employment. It shall be noteworthy to mention that….. was also a Medical Assistant.


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