For the cause of Dharma, Mahabharat once again

The Correspondent March 2019
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Capt M K Tayal

The Pulwama terror attack has not only killed our soldiers, but has hurt everyone in the country. The palpable anger is understandable. For far too long we have been a silent people. Patience and resilience has been the hallmark of Hinduism way of living. Religion has taught us to seek nirvana and live in peace. We are not blood thirsty or revengeful by nature. Revenge is a word that does not exist in Sanatan Dharma.

Mahatma Gandhi says eye for an eye will make one blind. But Sir, let the blind be the other guy, nah!

When cheating, deceit and trickery are prevalent, norms are broken and terrorists are killing our jawans, social order has to be restored in the society. Our scriptures have advocated for calibrated, well-planned responses. Lord Krishna says, whenever and wherever impiety sprouts, Dharma should prevail. To tolerate evil is to accept it. To eliminate evil and establish Dharma or righteousness in the society and we must restore order.

To correct mistakes of the past, we have to do things not done before.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without going into a detailed historical discourse, it is suffice to admit that Pakistan was a mistake. Not to point fingers at any political dispensation, but so was ceding ‘Aksai Chin’ and releasing 90,000 prisoners of war.

Sending them to Allah

And today, taking leniency of the mainlanders, some bastards in the Pakistani Army have been fuelling religious bigoted mindsets and resorting to terror. They need to be taught a lesson. The military leadership and the likes of Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar (the same terrorist Atal Bihari Vajpyee let off post Kandahar hijacking) and Dawood Ibrahim should be sent to the almighty by bullets pumped into their chests or a generous dose of bombs sprinkled over their heads. And the people of Pakistan, who are either silent spectators or supportive majority, will have to suffer. So be it.

Old order ought to change to give way to new. Bharat has been a country that has never initiated an attack. But now is the time to do the unthinkable and do the undoable. But before we go further, at this juncture, we must also promise ourselves to be better citizens – don’t let religion manipulate our senses, pay our taxes and keep our country clean – and do hundreds of other things what we should be doing. Our response at this juncture, having suffered for long, very long, should be mature, planned and should leave little space for ambiguity. We must deliver a clear cut blow and end all the miseries forever rather than adopting for a piecemeal approach.

No Excuse for the Army now

There are enough examples in the modern world of countries invading other territories for ‘justice’. USA, Israel, Russia… We have not done anything so far. Either we start counting our pennies, or lack of preparedness or international pressures… the list of excuses is exhaustive.

Our Defence establishment together with RAW and IB have let the nation down in 2008 when they could not prepare a legitimate response after the Mumbai bomb blast having been asked to do so by the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Today, PM Narendra Modi has said forces are free to hit back. What excuse will they have now!

Blood will flow

And in the process, we may have to suffer. I have seen blood flow. I have served in the Army and have heard the reverberating sound of AK 47s, piercing the silence of the valley. Having seen bullets fly, colleagues being hit by terrorists, I know the pain of war. But when the country bleeds, it hurts more that bullets. Having taken part in many-many of security operations, day in and day out when the militancy was its deadliest, I can say that retaliation is not revenge but elimination of terror as a tool of ‘freedom struggle’.

Remember they also have nuclear bombs. It should be kept in mind: They are not going to take the beating lying down. The enemy will perhaps be more prepared than us because they have instigated a sleeping lion. After Uri, Pakistani Generals knew that retribution of any misadventure would be detrimental for their existence but they still did what they did. So, as a strong nation, we must deliver on the expected lines, theirs and ours. It is better for them to die than continue living in fear.

Rest, it is the job of the security forces to send them to Allah and 72 ‘hoor’ and correct our ‘blunders’. The ball in the court of the Army now.

For Dharma, we have to fight. The scale and level of adequate or more than equal response, which is imminent, should be left to the Forces. It is time for Mahabharat and the aim should be to reclaim the land that was mistakenly called Pakistan.                   Send comments to:


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