How To Beat The Monday Blues: Effective Remedies

You all must have experienced Monday blues at some point in your life. Monday blues are generally recognized by feeling extreme stress, anxiety or sadness on the first day of the week. It can make a person lack the passion and motivation to go to work on a Monday morning.

Why do you experience Monday blues?

You are not satisfied with the kind of job that you are doing.

You are not happy with your boss, colleagues or work environment.

You feel that your life is very mundane. There is no pleasure in your day-to-day tasks and everything seems very mechanical

Your job is interfering in other pleasurable activities that you could engage in earlier, before joining the job you’re currently in. This is mostly in case of highly demanding jobs where people are not able to rest during weekends as well.

You are unable to give time to your relationship because of your work commitments.

You are suffering from a mental health issue.


Identify the problem

People who experience Monday blues regularly must make the effort of identifying the underlying cause behind it. Is it your own inability to fulfill targets or a poor relationship, workplace, boss, lack of motivation to go to work every day, etc. It is only after defining the reason behind your recurrent Monday blues that you will be able to do something about it.

Make your weekly off pleasurable

It is important to engage in pleasurable activities during your weekly offs. This will give you the energy to start your week on a fresh and positive note.

Dress well on Mondays

This can be an effective remedy against recurrent Monday blues. You can either plan on wearing a new dress or doing your make-up nicely or trying a new hairstyle, especially on a Monday or any other day that your week starts. It can give you a different kind of energy and can also make you feel positive.

Consider your job as a job and not your life

This is extremely important for people who tend to affect everything else in their life because of their job. You have to realize that there are numerous other things (your friends, family, pet, partner, good food, music, etc) that you are blessed with. It is important to give equal importance to all these aspects of your life.

Go for a walk after work

That you must go for a 20-minutes walk every day after work. You can do this after having dinner or when you reach home after work. It can help in preparing and energizing you for the next day.

Stop using negative statements for yourself

A common tendency among people is to use negative statements like “My life is useless”, “My job is the worst job”, etc.”Try to change your statements. It’s just a Monday. Try to keep calm and be positive that you at least have this job.” You can also seek comfort in the fact that there are some people in your workplace who acknowledge you and are fond of you. Also, going for small chit-chat sessions with your colleagues can be helpful in reducing Monday blues.

Lifestyle changes

Eating properly, doing regular exercise and including some breathing exercises in your routine can do wonders for improving your mental health and reducing Monday blues.

You can count on the things that you do have instead of focusing on everything else that you don’t have. Be more organized and try to take proper sleep on Sundays. You should compliment yourself that despite not being ready or in the mood of going to work, you still made it.


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