5 Tips That Can Help You Gain Weight

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Gaining weight is as much of a struggle as losing weight. There might be thousands of people out there who are struggling to gain weight despite trying everything possible. In fact, some people resort to overeating and eating unhealthy, junk and sugary foods in excess in order to gain weight. Such practices can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease to name a few. Just like healthy weight loss, there is also a healthy way to gain weight.

Gain Weight In A Healthy Manner

Focus on quality and not quantity: Instead of randomly increasing the quantity of food to consume more calories and gain weight, it is better to eat good quality fattening food for gaining weight in a healthy manner. Opt for energy-dense nutritious foods like sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, dried fruits, ghee and whole grains.

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Have more mini meals: Eating mini meals more frequently can help you gain weight. Your mini meals in between your meals can include fruit smoothies, hummus with pita bread, nuts and seeds, ghee roasted makhanas, peanut butter or almond butter sandwiches, etc.


Exercise: Yes, exercise can be helpful for both gaining and losing weight. Underweight people do need to hustle a bit to get their metabolism working and improve the effect of high-fat foods in their diet for weight gain. Do some strength and resistance training exercises. Training your muscles to ensure that you gain lean muscle mass and not fat mass.


Do not eat unhealthy or processed food: It might help you gain weight but it is definitely going to have a negative impact on your health and lead to the various diseases mentioned above.

Unhealthy food

Weight gain is a gradual process: Just like weight loss, even weight gain is a gradual process that happens over a period of time. Do not expect overnight results. Self love is of utmost importance. Love yourself enough to lead a healthy and happy life.

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