Lift the Lockdown

20 point agenda by a Pune Doctor

Everyone must accept that Covid19 virus has invaded world community and hence after everyone has to live with it.

Just by postponing speedy spread, by way of lockdown and social distancing or isolation of cases, the things will not fall in place as expected.

Unless there is allowing herd immunity to develop naturally, is only the way to make virus as one of the common viruses. 

In my view following strategy needs to be follows:

1) Prepare a mind set of planners to accept the fact.

2) Lift lock down after May 3, partially.

3) All tourists places and religious places be closed one month more.

4) All shops and factories be opened.With personal protective measures undertaken.

5) Allow those who can work from home. 

6) Follow videoconferencing rather than meetings to reduce travel. 

7) Odd-even number strategy may be followed regarding vehicles.

8) All hotels restaurants be opened from 7 am to 7pm. 

9) Railways, buses including pvt be started.To avoid rush in Mumbai locals some office hours needs to be changed and reorganized.

10)  All markets for agricultural products needs to be re-established.

11) All hospitals shall run as usual.

Only suspects should be referred to identified hospitals.

12) Just bcz some Dr was unable to diagnose Covid 19, should not be held responsible.

13) Colleges and schools be allowed to reopen by 1July.

14) Those exams were stayed, should be allowed to be conducted.

15) Marriages and parties where gatherings are expected should be allowed with 50 persons only with social distancing and Masks only.

16) All offices must run with efficiency.

17) Domestic flights with 50% occupation should be started. 

18) International flights also be started with most essential PPEs and tests.

19) Research against Covid 19 be expedited.

20) Detailed guidelines can be evolved. 

Now we must accept the fact of corona virus and its complications.

– To  reduce deaths is most important but at the same time it  should not be compromised with engaging  of youth in different occupations.

With this Economy will be preserved and deaths also .

by the way of herd immunity AEAP.

Dr Sabnis Sharad

Chief Administrator, Maharashtra Emergency Medical Services

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