We are not prepared. It is scary!

Dr GS Grewal

Exclusive interview with Ludhina based, Dr G S Grewal, Ex President, Punjab Medical Council.

Exclusive interview with Ludhiana based, Dr G S Grewal, Ex President, Punjab Medical Council,.

On how Corona patients are being treated:

Honestly we were not ready for this especially in district and peripheral
hospitals. People are even not used to PPE masks. They don’t have NIVS (Non invasive ventilation device) and there’s definite shortage of ventilators as well as trained handlers this leaving aside Metro cities or capital

On Doctors

Doctors again in the periphery have been avoiding outpatients except few but some are seeing regularly. I personally feel we are still not ready to handle complications at all and social distancing still remains best bet because it requires discipline and behaviour changes.

Increase bed capacity:

So far we didn’t require to increase the capacity of beds but in case
required, we will already have a full functioning 20-bed hospital. (personal

On Private hospitals

Private Hospital have been reluctant even some corporate were till
Government showed eyes. 

On Government Hospitals

Government Hospitals in district level probably do not have a protocol culture which has
created difficulties and loss of some precious life as well. The biggest threat
is from asymptomatic patients.




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