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Colonel Inderjeet Singh, Chief Cyber Security officer, Vara Technology Pvt Ltd: Colonel Inderjeet Singh is the Chief Cyber Security Officer and Head of the Cyber Security Center of Excellence at Vara Technology. In this role, he is instrumental in building the Cyber Security Business Unit for the Group. He is working on the disruptive technologies in the Cyber Security Space for securing IT networks, Smart cities and Critical Information Infrastructure. He served in the Indian Defence Forces, is Alumnus of IIT Kharagpurand Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune.

He is an experienced Information Systems professional with experience of more than 27+ year across wide spectrum of areas spanning Information Security ,Risk Management, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, Expertise in SOC and CERT, Internet of Things (IoT) including IoT Security, Blockchain and Cryptonomics, Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities. He is visionary for Start-Up Incubation, Entrepreneurship Development, Strategic Consulting and New Technology Evaluation for commercial viability. He is a Subject Matter Expert on latest innovative Technological domains and effectively managed mission critical projects.

He has been consistently been awarded while in Army and was awarded “Magnificent CIO of the Year ‘Award in year 2016, “Excellence Award 2019” by International Police Commission (IPC) in the year 2019 and “Innovative Leadership Award 2020’ by World Innovation Congress.

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