Life after work force leaves the cities

TC Bureau: So touching, sad but true. Where are the BD & Rohingiyaas? Has anyone seen any of them moving out or any news of them? I guess not. My cigarette supplier, a migrant labourer left in truck on last Friday. There’s was news of accident & his cell isn’t answering. He told me before he left that he had been tested negative one month back and there was nothing to eat. All claims made on news + media seemed to be farcical. The Government kept telling that they’re being sent, yet he left….why?
He said, you might survive virus, but hunger will certainly kill you.
When half of the ministers are enjoying quarantine in Khandala, who’s bothered about migrants, especially in a state which has been egregious about migrants. They’re speechless when it comes to BD’s & Romeo’s. Why?
Remember Battle of Panipat, Maratha’s lost despite superior in valour, armory, strength etc. They lost because there was too much of internal weaknesses. History is being repeated.
The RO filter service centre says, service engineer has left (who were from UP/Bihar). They can’t help until they get back. This is just one simple example, I faced yesterday.
All this egalitarianism is just an eye wash.
करूणा समाप्त हो चुकी है।
इसे ही अधर्म कहते हैं।


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