What can be the reason?

Dilpreet Chahal: As we all know that day before yesterday Irrfan Khan and now Rishi Kapoor (the two legends of Bollywood) passed away due to cancer. From many years we have seen that most lovable celebrities are getting more risk of cancer even celebrities take care of their health soo much. What can be the reason ?

The reason is their consumption of Red meat . Like other things Red meat also have Some advantages and disadvantages… The main Advantage of Red Meat is that it gives glow on face as well as it helps the immunity system to work properly but being too much rich in nutrition it is linked to cardiovascular cancer and heart diseases and stroke.. Some of celebrities who tried their best to fight cancer and are true fighters are Irrfan Khan , Rajesh Khanna and Rishi Kapoor….

As well as some of the celebrities whi succeeded to fight cancer are Manisha Korala, Sonali Bindra and Yuvraj singh … Some of the celebrities who were not able to succeed the fight are always inside our hearts . They will always be remembered by their characters and roles.


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